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Our "White clay" pack includes the following products:


-Two soaps with white clay 320gr.


100% natural


A real novelty in terms of toiletries!

No more chemical action of detergents, perfumes, and foaming agents for soaps on your skin.


Argicrea clay bread replaces your soap or shower gel by taking care of your skin while cleaning it.


It can be used for daily cleansing of the skin on the whole body: face, body, and private parts.


The clay bread, 100% natural, consists of Kaolin (white clay) and very fine mineral silica,

White clay (Kaolin) from Vercors, brings day after day, its benefits to your skin, whatever its type (healthy, atopic, irritated, sensitive ...) and absorbs body odors.


Very fine mineral silica gently cleanses the skin, impurities and dead skin.


Its micro-exfoliating effect also allows your moisturizers to be better absorbed, and thus more effective.



  • Sanitizes healthy skin
  • Brings more flexibility and softness
  • Naturally rebalances the PH of the skin
  • Purifies and frees the skin from aggressions

ARGICREA® clay bread, will gradually bring to your skin the same improvements as those obtained thanks to Kaolin baths (white clay) in thermal cures.


Replace your soap or shower gel with ARGICREA® Clay Bread and test the difference!


Usage tips :


  • Wet your skin and the ARGICREA® clay bread.
  • Slide the ARGICREA® clay bread all over the body to place a thin film on it. Then massage gently with your hand, to gently cleanse the skin with a micro scrub.

Do not leave the Bread of Clay in or under water at the risk of seeing it dissolve.

If it breaks, you can restore it by moistening it and then reshaping it.


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Eco White clay pack of 2

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