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Product Description


The Jati can be qualified as a Water Wall because the water flows along the wall which is already very popular with consumers but it has other advantages.

With a height of 40 cm, it offers a beautiful flow of water whose movement is accentuated by the relief of the wall.


The left part of the fountain creates an additional thickness which hides a led strip over the entire height of the wall.


This warm white lighting sublimates the relief and the flow over the entire height.


The rendering is really magical and allows this fountain to create a warm atmosphere.

To bring a touch of spirituality, it is supplied with a beautiful Buddha statuette which can be removed or replaced by another statuette or other decorative object as you wish.



Dimension: width: 22 cm. - Length: 30 cm. - Height: 40 cm.


Weight including packaging: 3.00 kg *




- Consumption: 2 to 4 Watt depending on the model.


- Material: resin.

- Packaging: neat with reinforced protection.

- User manual: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.

- Content: fountain, basin, Buddha statuette, pump with led.


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