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Product Description :

Creating at home a bubble of well-being where one feels safe is a need felt by more and more people as a response to the agitation and stress of everyday life.

the Bhava fountain, one of this year's new models, perfectly combines Feng-Shui with trendy decoration by offering the features most appreciated by customers.

A cascading flow on several levels, a glass ball rotated by the passage of water and a touch of spirituality with the beautiful Buddha statuette provided.

Two color-varying LED lights highlight the decor and the movement of the water.

The statuette being removable, you can replace it with other decorative objects as you wish and thus personalize the style of this fountain.

Dimensions: - Width: 20 cm. - Length: 15 cm. - Height: 25 cm.

Weight: 1.20 kg


- Consumption: 2 to 4 Watt depending on the model.
- Material: resin.
- Packaging: neat with reinforced protection.
- User manual: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.
- Content: fountain, basin, glass ball, Buddha statuette, pump with led.

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Buddha Bhava Fountain

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