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Product Description

Dolsia Ultrasonic Diffuser


The Dolsia, a multifunction aroma diffuser, it brings together 3 distinct functions: diffuser of essential oils, multicolored mood light, candlelight effect lighting.

Equipped with a Timer function, it is possible to broadcast continuously or to program the timer for 30, 60 or 180 minutes.

Its system ensures with great efficiency the cold diffusion of essential oils to preserve all their virtues.


It has an automatic shut-off when the tank is empty.
Diffusion and the 2 lighting modes work independently.


It's up to you to combine the functions as you wish.


Dimensions: - Diameter: 16 cm. - Height: 20 cm.
Weight incl.packaging: 0.90 kg




- Diffusion area: 60 m².
- Tank capacity: 150 ml.
- Material: PP
- Packaging: neat with photo and multilingual description.
- User manual: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.


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