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Product Description :


The Olaki ultrasonic essential oil diffuser exudes zen.


Handcrafted in woven bamboo, it will revive your interior decoration with its natural side.

You can program a personalized broadcast by combining the 3 broadcast intensities, the multiple lighting modes, and its timer function to choose from 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or continuous broadcast.

Its ultrasonic diffusion system generates a jet of mist and ensures a cold diffusion of essential oils to preserve all their virtues.


It also has an automatic shut-off when the tank is empty.


- Diameter: 13 cm. Height: 20 cm.
- Weight: 0.7 kg.
- Wood-colored base.
- Diffusion area: 40 m².
- Tank capacity: 250 ml.
- Material: Bamboo and PP
- Packaging: neat with photo and multilingual description.
- User manual: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.
- Content: a diffuser, a transformer.


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Olaki Ultrasonic Diffuser

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