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Product Description

Jolisia Ultrasonic Diffuser


It was born from the "marriage" between one of our bestsellers, the Vela, and a motif that we really appreciate, the Tree of Life.

The result is stunning.


A pattern cut in the metal with great precision and a perfect finish down to the smallest detail highlighted by lighting giving the illusion of a candle placed in a candle holder.


This magical decor designed with quality materials is enhanced by color-changing lighting.

The mist that unfolds and the scents that escape reveal the very nature of this particularly decorative diffuser which opens the doors to aromatherapy.

A clever magnetic system keeps the diffuser in the center of the metal candle holder while ensuring the power supply.


Diffusion and lighting are controlled from the remote control.
Its system efficiently ensures a cold diffusion of essential oils to preserve all their virtues.


Dimensions: - Diameter: 15 cm - Height: 19 cm.

Weight incl.packaging: 0.90 kg




- Diffusion area: 60 m².
- Tank capacity: 110 ml.
- Material: metal, glass and PP
- Packaging: neat with photo and multilingual description.
- User manual: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.
- Content: a diffuser, a remote control, a transformer.


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