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Product Description

Jolisia Ultrasonic Diffuser


This new Jolisia diffuser corresponds perfectly to our guideline: to offer you original and functional diffusers designed with noble materials.


For this model, wood and glass are in the spotlight.

Its thick glass dress with a frosted white appearance lets out a warm light conducive to relaxation and relaxation.


Its real wood base goes perfectly with the glass in a harmonious look.


Its small size, its very zen shape and its LED lighting are all assets to make the Jolisia a serious candidate for the title of diffuser of the year.

The tactile buttons allow it to keep a fluid line and make it very easy to use.


Several modes are available to you:

- continuous or alternating diffusion.

- diffusion with color change lighting or fixed on one color.

- possibility of turning off the light while maintaining the diffusion.

Diffusion and lighting are completely independent and diffusion stops automatically when the tank is empty.


Dimensions: - Diameter: 10 cm - Height: 15 cm.

Weight incl.packaging: 0.90 kg




- Diffusion area: 40 m².
- Tank capacity: 130 ml.
- Material: Wood and Glass.
- Packaging: neat with photo and multilingual description.
- User manual: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.
- Contents: a diffuser, a mains adapter.


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Eco Diffuser Jolisia

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