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Product Description


Once lit, its trompe l'oeil effect is stunning which hypnotizes you.


You will be fascinated by the depth of the light and the rainbow colors. The diffused scent will captivate you and delicately perfume your interior.

N ° 6 is equipped with a dimmer to adjust the diffusion temperature and the brightness of the lamp.


The temperature is studied to activate the diffusion without overheating the oils and thus avoid deteriorating them.

It can diffuse essential oils, scented solutions, and scented waxes.


Its removable glass cover facilitates cleaning and changes in scent.


It also creates nearby light projections. Dimensions:

Diameter: 12 cm - Height: 16 cm.

Material: glass with 3D effect.

Weight including packaging: 0.55 kg


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Eco Diffuser N ° 6 3D

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