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Product Description

Purisia Ultrasonic Diffuser


Our Purisia ultrasonic ceramic diffuser has a sleek design with harmonious lines with a perfect combination of ceramic and wood.

Her lacquered ceramic dress lets out a discreet light and a scented mist that will soothe you and take you into her cocooning universe.


Its wooden base gives it a lot of character with a little reminder of wood on the top of the ceramic for a perfect marriage of two noble materials.

Its use is extremely simple, access to the tank is made by lifting the upper part and the touch buttons are used to define the diffusion and lighting mode:

- continuous or alternating diffusion.
- diffusion with color change lighting or fixed on one color.
- possibility of turning off the light while maintaining the diffusion.

Its system ensures a cold diffusion of essential oils to preserve all the virtues.

It has an automatic shut-off when the tank is empty.


Dimensions: - Diameter: 10.5 cm. - Height: 15.5 cm.

Weight incl.packaging: 0.90 kg




- Diffusion area: 50 m².

- Tank capacity: 120 ml.

- Material: Ceramic and Wood.

- Packaging: neat with photo and multilingual description.

- User manual: French, English, Spanish, Italian and German.

- Content: a diffuser, a transformer.


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