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Product Description :

Tired skin, grayish mine, dull complexion, pronounced dark circles ... your skin care creams are slow to take effect? Try our real stone face massage roller.

This ancestral beauty accessory has been used in China since the 7th century to stimulate lymphatic drainage and firm the skin.

Adopted this beauty ritual which combines the massage of the skin with the virtues of Jade, known among other things to stay constantly cold which helps to restore elasticity and radiance to the skin.

We offer a kit of 2 jade stone massagers allowing you to massage the cheeks simultaneously in order to save time.

The roller is composed of a wide part for the contour of the face and a smaller part for the more delicate areas such as the contour of the eyes, nose and mouth.

You just have to roll it from the inside to the outside of the face, adjusting the pressure according to your sensitivity.

Combine the use of the roller and the application of your beauty treatment to promote its penetration.

Small tip, place the roller in the refrigerator before use for an intense feeling of freshness promoting the tightening of the pores.

Reusable and a hair band offered with each kit.

- Material: Jade stone and stainless steel.
- Width: 5 cm.
- Length: 14 cm.
- Weight: 0.25 Kg.
- Packaging: careful packaging.
- User manual: French, English.
- Content: 2 jade stone massagers and 1 hair band.

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Eco Set 2 Jade Stone Face Massagers - Green

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